• The thermostat gasket seals the thermostat housing to keep coolant from leaking. Like all gaskets, it can wear out over time. If you notice coolant leaking, temperature fluctuations, or overheating, check your thermostat gasket for any damage.
  • Thermostat Housing Gasket Matsumo . Warranty: 2yr / 50,000km . AUD $5.44 . In Stock . More Details . Thermostat Housing Tora - TH35550. Click here to play audio ZPN ...
  • 1 product rating - Thermostat Housing Gasket Fel-Pro 25538. C $20.55. Buy It Now. Free shipping. Engine Coolant Thermostat Housing Gasket Beck/Arnley 039-0119. Brand New.
  • simple one here.. have a new gasket put on in spring and have a leak now from the thermostat housing. Picked up a new felpro gasket and was wondering what would be the best sealer to use with this?
  • Thermostat Housings & Gaskets. nternal combustion engines perform best at specific operating temperatures and being too hot or cold can affect a car's reliability.
  • May 13, 2012 · Got it done, easier than yesterday. I just put the bolts through the housing and the gasket through the bolts and being careful not to touch the thermostat and tightened it down. Just used the gasket and no RCV and no leaks!!!--thank you Chris! Thanks to everyone else for the tips.
Thermostat housing, water neck, water outlet, coolant housing…they’re all names for the same thing. This component is where the upper radiator hose plugs in, and it also contains your mechanical thermostat.
The flow diagrams shown are different from mine as they show two hoses from the intake (raw water) one leading to the stat and one going to the pump for the exhaust maniflods, where mine on the 318 only has the one raw water inlet which divides at the stat housing for the exhaust manifolds and the engine.
Our Products >> Thermostat Housing Gasket - Alpine 3-5 Thermostat Housing Gasket - Alpine 3-5. Application - Alpine 3-5. Click To Enlarge. Item #: AG115 ... Thermostat gasket ISX QSX Thermostat Housing Gasket 3680601 3684336 Shipping About us Located in Shiyan city, Hubei Province, Renman Auto Parts is an independently owned and operated business that specializes in serving the needs of the trucking, heavy equipment and diesel engine industry.
If it needs one can I realy pull hard on those bolts or use gasket sealer. there was no sign of sealer on it before.. It has one rubber gasket. The thermostat sits in a groove in the middle of the rubber. When the top and bottom of the housing are tightened that gasket is squeezed and expands to tightly seal.
Thermostat, Housing & Gasket Z Car Source has a huge selection of Datsun 240Z, 260Z, 280Z, 280ZX and Nissan 300ZX Thermostats, Housings & Gaskets. New OEM, Aftermarket, Refinished, Rebuilt or Used – we have the most options for Z Car Parts on the web. Thermostat housing assembly replaces 16413A3 and 16413A9 V6 and V8 Chevy engine threaded hole at 90 degree. from crankshaft center line ... P/N 31560 T-stat gasket (5 ...
Jan 04, 2009 · The OEM thermostat will come with a gasket attached so no RTV is needed; just pop the thermostat in and bolt the pipe back on. Make sure the jiggle valve on the thermostat is pointing up when you place it in the housing. If you're just replacing the thermostat and radiator hoses, only the lower radiator hose pipe will have to be removed from ... A gasket is a shaped sheet often made from rubber, paper or cork. Its role is to fill a space between two parts and act as a seal, thus preventing leakage into or from the parts when under compression.

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